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Rating and Accreditation

Evaluation criteria and ranking principle.
The national ranking includes 58 universities, of which 6 are national, 21 state, 7 joint-stock and 24 private universities.
Principles of ranking IAAR

- improve development strategy and identify new priorities;
- stimulate the participation of educational programs in rating studies at the national and international levels;
- to provide an effective algorithm for interaction between universities and employers in order to improve the quality of training and practice-oriented graduates;
- increase the share of foreign students and faculty in the educational process, focused on the growth of the export potential of the educational sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- increase the number and ensure the quality of joint educational programs with foreign universities in the framework of the implementation of two-diploma education;
- demonstrate the growth dynamics of the quality of educational programs
- the mechanism for improving the competitiveness of the publications of teachers, doctoral students and undergraduates.

Results of ranking of the Education Programs (IQAA) for 2018

Suleyman Demirel University ranked 7th in the national ranking of the best humanitarian and economic universities in Kazakhstan. In terms of academic staff, our university ranked 3rd place, which demonstrates the high quality of human resources.