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Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey Results


SDU university periodically conducts surveys to collect information about what we are doing well and what we can do better. We ask a sample population of faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students, and administrative staff to provide feedback via the survey.

More specifically, the survey is undertaken to:

- document where stakeholders are satisfied or dissatisfied, and to identify gaps that cause an unfavorable client experience;
- find out which improvements stakeholders think are important;
- gather data that gives stakeholders a voice that influences SDU priorities with continuous improvement initiatives that will make it easier for stakeholders to do their work.

Our ultimate goal is to provide an excellent client experience that supports the teaching, learning, research, and needs of the SDU community

The research study was conducted from November to December 2017.The survey was distributed to approximately 3450 members of the SDU community. Each group (faculty, students,and staff) received a survey that had identical general questions and some unique questions for the particular audience. The survey areas and questions were determined by the Quality Assurance Department. Students, faculty, and staff were able to fill in the questionnaire through the internal portal of the university at pms.sdu.edu.kz.
Our target response rate was 2435 responses. Such a response rate provides a high level of statistical validity when analyzing the data. Typically (though not always), response rates exceed our expectations so as to provide us with a high level of confidence that the results accurately reflect the views of the broader SDU community.
The survey spans a range of topics, including customer service, student to course satisfaction, student to faculty satisfaction, faculty to administration staff satisfaction, faculty to facility satisfaction, admin staff to facility satisfaction, and other technology-related services.

Links to the results for the current and past surveys are available below.

Each report contains:

- Overview Results

- Detailed Results

- Survey Instrument

- Survey Methodology

Past Survey Results

Download previous SDU Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey Results:

- 2017 Survey Results (Evaluation of the teaching effectiveness)

- 2017 Survey Results (University Facilities)

- 2017 Survey Results (Evaluation)

- 2017 Survey Results (Questionnaire)