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SDU has started preparation to International Accreditation

Steering committee of SDU is planning to visit FIBAA workshop, October 18-19 in Almaty, 2018

Regulatory Framework

The quality assurance procedures and academic conventions through which the University assures the quality and standards of its awards:

Preparation for post accreditation (IAAR)

External supervision committee, 7th Decemeber 2018

Mission Vision and Values


The University's quality assurance procedures are aimed at providing high quality provision across all offered activities to transform SDU students into global citizens with professional skills and humanistic values.


Employing fit for purpose quality assurance measures to ensure highest quality of education in Kazakhstan that is compatible and competitive with international standards.


The Directorate shall ensure quality teaching, research and provision of excellent service to the public.

Quality Code    

To apply an effective quality management system that is designed to spread and enhance quality culture throughout teaching, learning, extracurricular activities, research, and community services

Quality Assurance Enhancement
International Accrediation
Maintain Learning Environment
Support Educational Activities

Strategic Plan

1. General Provisions
2. Purpose
3. Main tasks
4. Functions
5. Quality Management System


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